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       The Eastern States Consortium Of Wedding Officiants (ESCOWO) is an organization promoting education, professionalism, and ethical conduct among independent, non-denominational wedding officiants in New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Delaware.  

     ESCOWO members pledge to adhere to the ESCOWO Code of Ethics at all times. Each member of the ESCOWO is an independent practitioner, establishing his or her own unique officiating service, method of operation and fee schedules. ESCOWO members are listed on the “ESCOWO Web Site" solely as a public service to aid couples seeking an ethical wedding officiant to perform their wedding ceremony.    

    The staff of  ESCOWO does not make recommendations or referrals to couples seeking an officiant. The members are listed solely to provide several choices of officiants pledged to uphold the ESCOWO Code of Ethics.   

     ESCOWO is not in any way responsible for any action or behavior of any ESCOWO member, or any person claiming to be an ESCOWO member. Any member failing to adhere to the ESCOWO Code of Ethics is subject to immediate revocation of membership. Please inform the ESCOWO by e-mail of any compliments or complaints regarding an ESCOWO member.


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       “It's not enough to have lived. We should be determined to live for something. May I suggest that it be creating joy for others, sharing what we have for the betterment of personkind, bringing hope to the lost and love to the lonely.”

                                                                                                                                                                                        Leo F. Buscaglia


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 Eastern States Consortium Of Wedding Officiants Members in Good Standing

Rev. Richard Porta

Hamilton, NJ

Web Site

Rev. Linda Schapley

Collingswood, NJ

Web Site

Rev. Daniel Bittner

Turnersville, NJ

Web Site

Rev. Bryant Heisinger

Penns Grove, NJ

Web Site

Rev. Lorraine Nunes

Thorofare, NJ

Web Site

Rev. Louis Conselatore

Kinnelon, NJ

Web Site

Rev. Walt Niebauer

Philadelphia, PA

Web Site


Rev. Kathleen Heisinger

Penns Grove, NJ

Web Site

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Membership in the Eastern States Consortium Of Wedding Officiants

        Any duly qualified wedding officiant, legally entitled to perform weddings pursuant to the laws of New Jersey, Pennsylvania, or Delaware, may apply for annual membership in the ESCOWO by meeting the following criteria and completing an application.

      Criteria for membership in the ESCOWO:

                     1. Legally entitled to perform valid weddings according to appropriate state statutes. (Proof of ordination or other qualifying status must be provided).

                    2. At least one year of experience as an officiant and have conducted 10 or more legal wedding ceremonies (Vow renewals, commitment ceremonies do not qualify).

                   3. Complete and pass the ESCOWO "Officiant Competency Test."

                   4. All members must pledge to adhere to the ESCOWO Code of Ethics   

     Membership benefits include use of the ESCOWO Membership Logo on your website and stationery, a revolving listing on the ESCOWO web page, a certificate attesting to your meeting the professional standards of ESCOWO, and discounts for all ESCOWO training activities, seminars and events. Best of all, these benefits are offered at a membership fee that is a fraction of the fees required of  other officiant organizations. Our sole goal is to enhance the professional image of wedding officiants through education and professional standards. Get all the details of ESCOWO membership by e-mail today at . We're positive you'll be pleased with how the ESCOWO can assist you in your officiant practice!  


    If you are a legally-qualified wedding officiant with some experience, but do not meet the membership requirements (at least one year of experience and/or 10 or more completed wedding ceremonies), you could benefit from the ESCOWO one-day "Professional Methods and Techniques Course" that will not only improve your officiating skills, but also provide information on how to increase the number of ceremonies your perform. Learn from some of the most experienced and successful professional officiants in the East! Completion of the course also inclues a one-year membership in ESCOWO.  E-mail us at  for full details!

    If you are NOT a legally-qualified  wedding officiant and are interested in entering the profession, please look at this information on how you can quickly become an informed, educated, confident professional wedding officiant.

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The Greatest Job in The World!

Do you enjoy making people happy? 

Do you have a clear speaking voice? 

Do you enjoy public speaking ?

Do you think you’d enjoy being compensated for making people happy by speaking clearly in front of people?

If you answered “yes” to all four questions, the Professional Wedding Officiant Training and Certification program offered by the Eastern States Consortium Of Wedding Officiants could be your passport to great personal and professional fulfillment as a legally-qualified wedding officiant!

Although most people are not aware of marriage laws, any woman or man can become a legal wedding officiant under New Jersey law. However, very few people can competently and responsibly perform an exceptional  wedding ceremony that will provide joyous memories for the bride and groom. It truly takes a high-level of skill and technique to prepare and conduct an outstanding wedding ceremony. Acquiring the knowledge, skills and techniques of an outstanding officiant, without guidance and support, usually takes several years of trial-and-error---and disappointed couples. Many aspiring officiants become discouraged and "drop out" of the profession.   

But, now there is a better way to become a competent and professional wedding officiant. The training, preparation and ongoing support provided to graduates of the Eastern States Consortium Of Wedding Officiants provides everything you will need to hear the bride and groom say----  “Thank you for performing such a wonderful ceremony! It expressed exactly what we wanted on our wedding day!”-----the very first time you perform a ceremony! 

Experienced wedding officiants, those who have built up a referral base of happy couples, often receive professional services fees of $400 to $500 (and even more!) for officiating at a wedding ceremony and responsibly attending to all necessary legal obligations and paperwork. New officiants in the process of building a wedding services business can expect to earn $125 to $350 dollars for professionally conducting a wedding ceremony.  Many officiants  regularly conduct two, three or more ceremonies on weekends during the peak wedding seasons! And best of all, in addition to the professional service fee you receive for professionally officiating at a marriage ceremony, you’ll have the gratitude and appreciation of every couple you join in marriage! Brides and grooms truly appreciate the wonderful professionalism and customized "personal touch" that our graduates demonstrate every time they perform a ceremony! There's nothing that compares to the satisfaction you'll experience by performing a wonderful wedding ceremony on a couple's very special day!

However, performing a ceremony without the proper training, preparation and effort can result in an embarrassing experience that not only will disappoint the bride, groom and their guests, but will lessen your chances of getting any subsequent referral business. At the Eastern States Consortium Of Wedding Officiants, we believe that every couple deserves a happy wedding day, and doing a professional and competent job as an officiant is the only way to make a couple happy.

Some of New Jersey’s most sought-after wedding officiants supervise the Professional Wedding Officiant Training and Certification program of the ESCOWO. You’ll learn all the facets of becoming a wedding officiant in ths comprehensive course. Years of experience as  marriage officiants have given our instructors the knowledge—first hand—of what makes a great officiant. At the end of this intensive course you’ll be qualified, prepared, and confident to perform your first solo ceremony!

Areas of instruction in this valuable course include:

NJ, PA and DE,  (and other states) Marriage Law and Statutes

Requirements to be a legal marriage officiant in NJ, PA and DE (Upon completion of this course we provide a legal, non-denominational ordination that entitles you to the legal status of “Minister” in New Jersey and nearly every other U.S. state )

Wedding traditions and practices, including many ancient and modern acts of symbolism often observed in marriage ceremonies.

Designing a personalized, custom wedding ceremony and vows for each couple.

Preparing for the actual ceremony (attire, appearance, preparing the vows, arrival and departure times, inspecting the legal documents, conducting rehearsals, and more)

Conducting the ceremony (You will prepare and actually conduct a “practice” ceremony with a bride and groom, witnesses and “guests.”)

Efficiently and promptly completing and filing all required legal paperwork. 

How to establish your identity and availability as a wedding officiant. 

Consulting with couples looking for an officiant with concise descriptions of your services. The three keys to success in providing professional service!

Preparing contracts/agreements for your professional services with couples. Professional service fees, deposits, collection of balances due, contract forms and more.

Extras that make a difference!

Pitfalls to avoid from the start!

You will learn much more than what is included in the summary above as you take part in the interactive sessions of this illuminating course. Each class is limited to 6 to 10 prospective officiants to assure individual attention to each officiant-in-training. The entire course consists of attendance at three four-hour evening sessions, plus required “homework” and Internet assignments. You will be ready to competently and confidently  perform your first ceremony in less than 10 days! We strive to produce only the best wedding officiants, and our comprehensive course sets the standard!! 

Quite frankly, there is no legal requirement to attend a course to legally conduct a ceremony if you are a person duly qualified to perform weddings in most states. However, the profession is a competitive field where only the most educated, dedicated and customer-oriented officiants prosper. It would take years of trial-and-error to acquire the knowledge, expertise and confidence our course provides. And, your certificate of  successful completion of the Professional Wedding Officiant Training and Certification program offered by the Eastern States Consortium Of Wedding Officiants will attest to your dedication to providing the best in wedding officiant service and performance. 

Our TOTAL fee for attendance and certification by the Eastern States Consortium Of Wedding Officiants is $400—–many graduates of our course will recover their entire tuition cost in one wedding ceremony. It is not unusual for a conscientious and diligent wedding officiant to perform five or more weddings ceremonies in one month. Many officiants average three or more weddings per week! Our tuition is a small amount to pay for the peace of mind and confidence you will have in your ability to professionally plan and conduct a wedding ceremony at the end of the course! And, the professional services fee you will receive as a well-trained and competent officiant will be  a superb investment by every couple who engages your services!

Whether you want to conduct legal ceremonies for a few friends who are getting married or start your own wedding officiant business, the best way to start is by learning to do things the correct way with the Eastern States Consortium Of Wedding Officiants.

Performing wedding ceremonies is one of the most enjoyable and satisfying jobs in the world. Contact the Eastern States Consortium Of Wedding Officiants today and find out how you can become a qualified and competent wedding officiant! E-mail today and ask to be contacted with more details and information on upcoming training sessions!

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The Eastern States Consortium Of Wedding Officiants (ESCOWO) is an organization promoting education, professionalism, and ethical business practices among independent , non-denominational wedding officiants in New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Delaware. Members pledge to adhere to the ESCOWO Code of Ethics in their dealing with the public. Each member of the ESCOWO establishes their own independent officiating practice and fee schedules. The ESCOWO is not responsible for any action or behavior of any ESCOWO member, or any person claiming to be an ESCOWO member. All ESCOWO members are listed on the “Member” page at  Any member failing to adhere to the ESCOWO Code of Ethics is subject to immediate revocation of membership.